Hello, interested parties. Thanks for visiting my portfolio site. I'm a Massachusetts native who, in recent years, has taken up the study of code, design, and digital art -HTML, CSS, responsive design, Javascript, jQuery, WordPress, Photoshop and Illustrator. I now have what I consider a number of presentable sites, screenshots of which I am making available here on this site, all of which I feel showcase many of my skills.

All of the code and design, with the exception of a couple of items, is absolutely my own. Most of the sites have been hand-coded including this portfolio, with the exception of the Bibelots (Little Treasures) site, which is a WordPress site (and my WordPress blog, whose link is provided below). Three of the sites were created for small businesses, one is a personal project and the final one is a fictional site built strictly for this portfolio.

I am looking for freelance work in web design or design (logo or banner design or digital art). I am also open to working for the right firm on a full or part-time basis, one that wants to work with front-end designers, and that wants exceptionally good-looking, well-designed work. I would hope to continue working with all of the front-end design skills I have acquired thus far as I have great interest in all of them: code, design and content management.

It would also be nice to work with a company/client that could use a capable writer/editor, which is another area in which I am skilled and which I enjoy working in. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site and the screenshots of the work and hope to hear from any interested parties. Also, to see even more of my design work, digital art and photography too please visit my WordPress blog at:

I also have some original digital art and photography available at Red Bubble, which can be ordered as various types of prints, coffee mugs, clothing, etc:

Thanks and please feel free to contact me anytime by any of the methods provided here or in the blog.


Demian Arend